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Ursus Navigate

Ursus Navigate is employed by companies seeking to discover the most appropriate technical solution for their business needs. The Ursus Navigator team provides the leadership and knowledge to guide your company in defining (and in some cases redefining) the requirements that are essential for the success of your business.

We all know there is a labyrinth of technologies, methodologies, potential solutions, and offerings available to businesses. The majority of these options are, at best, barely adequate. Many would be disastrous to your business if implemented. The Ursus Navigator team objectively steers you through this maze to generate the ideal roadmap and schedule for your business. If necessary, Ursus will provide the technical leadership to implement the roadmap. The Ursus Navigator team will work closely with the Ursus Launch team to ensure the software portion of the solution is built to exacting standards.

Ursus Launch

Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses rely on the Ursus Launch team for their critical software development needs. Ursus Launch team members will combine their seasoned experience with their knowledge of the latest advances in technologies and methodologies in order to achieve the best software solution for your project. Ursus Launch team members have been with Ursus for over 10 years and are always available - giving you the piece of mind of knowing that your solution will be supported for years to come.

Ursus Rescue

Is your current Software Project mismanaged? In distress? Ill-defined? Endlessly delayed? Lacking Technical Leadership and Oversight? Holding your business back? If so, then Ursus Rescue is right for you. The Ursus Rescue Team will get your software back on track as quickly and professionally as possible. We have the experienced technical leadership and knowledge to objectively: assess mission-critical requirements; identify cause of current crisis; outline priorities; identify and define steps for success; find key flaws and hidden bugs in current systems; integrate different technologies; remove unnecessary technologies and complexities; and identify long-term solutions after the crisis has been solved. In addition, Ursus is available to perform audits of your current technical team and fill positions as acting or interim members of your team.