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Solutions and products built by Ursus are utilized by companies to empower their business, increase profit, and remain competitive. Ursus is proud of its established history of success in enabling companies to achieve their goals. A sample summary of solutions provided follows. Additionally, individual case studies are available.



For this early-stage wireless provider, Ursus provided a complete integrated software solution to enable Clearwire to operate as a fixed-wireless provider. The components in this solution consisted of: subscriber acquisition and prequalification, customer relationship management (CRM), order fulfillment and shipping, billing system, extensive promotional offerings, B2B interfaces, interfaces and logical paths for five different classes of clients, subscriber provisioning, provisioning servers, VLAN support, web services, and national and international geocoding. The success of this project highlights the extraordinary capability of Ursus to enable a business to succeed by executing on an idea and bringing it to production under compressed timelines and changing goals.

STI Fleet Services, Inc.

Ursus developed a comprehensive Fleet Management System (FMS) for this established nationwide company to provide more efficient Fleet Management services to the Automotive Industry. This web-based application allowed STI to increase revenue through higher car utilization, automatic generation of check-in, check-out status and instructions forms, and a much improved streamlined process. FMS provides complex billing (and rollups) customized for each car manufacturer contract. FMS is used nationwide and has interfaces for STI employees, customers, press, and administration.


Designed and coded ship-side Radio Interference Management System to control cellular coverage and to maximize cellular service based on geocoding, terrestrial RF signals, and legal requirements. System controls BTSCs and communicates with an Ursus designed central shore-side server via satellite. System involved programming and analyzing high-end scanners and interfacing and controlling distributed antenna system and communicating alarms and data to the central server for analysis.

360 Networks

Ursus was initially contacted to provide evaluation services for a current software product under development. Ursus was hired to overhaul an internal system that provided provisioning for 360 customers. Ursus was subsequently asked to build a web-services VOIP platform to automated VOIP provisioning and provide a standard web-services API to 360 clients. Later, Ursus was brought back to interface to Synchronoss to automate VOIP provisioning being offered by Vonage.


Designed and coded a proprietary secure fault-tolerant data packet communication protocol. The protocol is employed for all communication between vehicles and servers for the largest vehicle telemetry provider in the country. Ursus also provided strategic design and architecture for server-side implementation of the vehicle call handling using SIP. Additional services included debugging and providing testing for applications on embedded vehicle platforms.


KindClicks integrates profile merchant services with market research, and personal shopping services with direct marketing to define new levels of marketing and sales efficiency. KindClicks members voluntarily provision, manage, and maintain anonymous information for a profit. Their anonymous data informs KindClicks business clients market understanding and increases their promotion conversion rates (500 %+). KindClicks expands the availability, usability, and productivity of market information in a way that rewards members, increases business profitability, and helps the environment.


Zalag is a technology company in the forefront of a new approach to search and to information delivery. The first product to launch will be the world's first practical full-Web mobile search service monetized through targeted advertising.


For this e-discovery company, Ursus was initially hired to provide independent evaluation of the current CTO and development staff, software development process, and software products; as well as to make recommendations to the company CEO and Board Members on future direction for the company. Ursus was then brought in to provide an interim CTO and to take over the SDLC to get critical products developed and completed. The Ursus team provided four programmers and analysts and successfully completed and launched the Near-Duplicates product for Syngence. Ursus was also asked to evaluate the software and staff of three other e-discovery companies for possible mergers or acquisitions.


Ursus developed a programming interface to Cingular's multi-switch (Ericsson, Lucent, Nortel, Motorola) environment and, using this interface, developed applications to support complex automation for maintaining, repairing, optimizing, and provisioning of cellular switches. This system is used throughout the network operations centers (NOCs) freeing up critical human resources for other tasks.

AT&T Wireless

Ursus developed a solution using a single consistent visual and programmable interface that provided network element performance, optimization, and monitoring solutions for a multi-vendor telephony switch environment. With this tool, AT&T field technicians were able to execute programs developed by Ursus to remotely optimize their networks, share data and analysis with their peers in other regions, automate complicated tasks, reduce man-hours required per switch, and further improve the effectiveness of existing systems. Ursus provided performance monitoring, analysis, and reporting systems for numerous AT&T network platforms and systems (e.g. HLR, Tandem, SCP, STP, MTSO, Voice Mail, SMS, etc.) The systems provided information for troubleshooting, optimization, financial planning, and performance.

AT&T Fixed Wireless

For AT&T's fixed-wireless project codenamed Project Angel, Ursus developed the Performance Analysis and Monitoring System (PAMS) for fixed wireless base stations and terminals. This software development was concurrent with the actual hardware development. The resulting system allowed AT&T the ability to automatically monitor, optimize, troubleshoot, and plan its fixed wireless system.

McCaw Cellular

Ursus interfaced with multiple network elements and provided network optimization and reporting tools supporting the initial wireless North American Cellular Network (NACN) SS7 network for seamless roaming in the US wireless market. The tools provided by Ursus reduced human error, allowed automated updating of routing information, and significantly reduced personnel costs in the NOCs.

Internap Network Services

For this early-stage company, Ursus provided the initial infrastructure build-out and systems integration to enable Internap to support its network offerings. Systems developed and integrated included: customer order tracking and fulfillment; purchase order tracking; trouble ticketing, asset tracking; and collocation support software.

University of Washington Biomedical and Health Information

Ursus is developing a geocoding solution for the University of Washington Biomedical and Health Informatics Department's Syndromic Surveillance Information Collection (SSIC) system that is being used in hospitals throughout the state to monitor for possible bioterrorism events.

Seattle Police Department

For the Seattle Police Department, Ursus provided databases allowing for the integration of legacy systems for tagging, monitoring, and retrieval of drug seizure items.

Seattle Public Utilities

For Seattle's Combined Utility, Ursus automated a process for departmental budget predicting and forecasting. Ursus developed a prototype point of sale (POS) for city transfer stations.

U.S. Coast Guard

Ursus provided critical troubleshooting and systems integrations for the US Coast Guard's icebreakers scientific data systems and networks. In less than 24 hours, we were able to respond to the request for help and sign a contract and board a ship headed to the North Pole. The problem the US Coast Guard was working to solve for weeks was fixed by one our programmers in less than six hours. The remaining weeks on ship was spent improving the data network, security and information transfer. Ursus received the highest reviews possible for our work.

Solid State Controls

For this manufacturer of industrial uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), Ursus designed all printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a news series of UPSs. This included custom development of 5 PCBs (two with microcontrollers), software based phased lock loop (PLL), inverter control, external interfaces, and display and control interfaces. This new series of UPSs completely reversed the financial standing of the company and directly enabled them to become a worldwide leader in industrial UPSs.

Advanced Telecom Management

For this regional landline provider, Ursus provided design, programming and system integration to troubleshoot and then leverage existing CRM, data collection and billing systems investment to meet evolving company growth and offerings.

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